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New Beginnings

Welcome to Issue #1 of Flutter Developer Weekly!

As someone who's been "doing software" now for 25+ years, I find that I'm pretty picky when it comes to deciding when I should invest in learning a new technology. The questions that seem to lurk just below the surface for me are those like, "Is this just a fad?" or "Is the tech up to the job at hand, or will it quickly unravel as I dive deeper into a real project?"

For me, as soon as I tried that first Flutter sample app, I felt those background concerns melt away. (And yes, if you haven't tried Flutter yet, it's that good.)

Of course, as with any attempt to learn a new technology, it can be hard to separate the truly useful bits of knowledge from all of the fluff and hype. And with new developments in Flutter occurring all the time, it can be hard to keep up.

I hope you'll find this curated weekly newsletter helpful in your personal journey as you hone your craft as a Flutter developer.

Let the Apps begin!

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