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Is the Flutter Job Market Heating Up?

When I first started experimenting with Flutter a couple of years ago, it didn't take me long to conclude that Flutter was going to be a hit among developers. I especially appreciated the fact that Flutter takes control of every pixel on the screen, rather than relying on native elements to render the display. This seemed much less prone to the kinds of display glitches you might run into in the React world, just as an example.

Although I was very impressed with Flutter's capabilities, I was less enamored with the career opportunities that seemed to surround Flutter development. A search on a typical job board or contract-programming site would return very few Flutter job openings.

Maybe it's just me, but it's starting to feel like we may be turning a corner in the Flutter job market. I'm starting to see more (and larger) companies advertising Flutter dev jobs these days. I suppose large companies are somewhat bound by inertia, so if there is a "sea change" toward Flutter, it shouldn't surprise me that it's taking so long to appear. But still, I'm finding this trend encouraging.

Of course, companies with a big investment and large native (or React Native) code base to maintain probably won't be making a switch anytime soon. But I still believe that for a startup looking to maximize development resources, or for a larger company starting a new project, it's hard to beat Flutter in that very important cost-benefit analysis.

To which I say, bring on the Flutter jobs!

Mark Winters



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