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Bitcoin Musk!

As the worlds of culture and technology continue to evolve and collide, it seems to me that we crossed a threshold this week as Tesla announced it has purchased $1.5B worth of Bitcoin. (And just as a disclaimer, I do have a financial interest in both Tesla and blockchain projects succeeding, but I'm also aware that nothing I say here in this humble newsletter is likely to impact their price :-) )

Up until fairly recently, it seemed like Bitcoin's value depended entirely on the confidence people have in it. Is it real or not? Who knows, but this week's events seemed to have tipped the scale in favor of "yes" for me -- at least for now.

While large in the cultural context, this event may be only tangentially related to the world of Flutter development. It does make me wonder though if an awareness of blockchain technology may be increasingly important for developers in the future. As a backend tool for maintaining state (and running "smart contract code" a la Etherium), it wouldn't surprise me to see uses for blockchain tech growing over time.

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