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Honing Your Flutter Dev Skills

Working on the newsletter this week has reminded me that if I'm trying to improve my development skills in Flutter, it's important to not only focus on the "new and shiny" Flutter packages which seem to come out all the time these days, but to also take time to review the basics.

Case in point this week is a tweet from Gordon Hayes (links below), which eventually led me to an article from 2012(!) highlighting the differences in Dart between final, const, and static. Are these pretty basic topics? Sure, but if you haven't yet cemented in your mind when and why you might use each of these, here's your opportunity to brush up.

I also think that if you're reading this newsletter, you should know that my goal with the newsletter is to help us all be better Flutter/Dart developers, even if that sometimes means harkening back to 2012 for a refresher to help solidify best practice concepts. :-)

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