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Deep Work

Although I came across this tweet from Reso Coder a while ago, I've recently been reflecting on ways in which I can improve as we continue to move forward in 2022. And striving toward more "flow" or a "deeper work state" seems like a worthy goal.

I like Reso Coder's list here, especially the ideas of blocking websites during "focus time" and putting the phone on airplane mode (or at least silencing notifications). I also like that he suggests a goal -- three hours per day of solid focus time -- which seems like an entirely reasonable target.

I've also found that for me, setting aside my focus time in chunks seems to help too. For example I might set a 25-minute timer on Alexa, and then do my best to not allow any distractions during that 25-minute period. If during that time the urge strikes to check Twitter or the latest stock quotes, knowing that I can check those things after the timer finishes seems to help keep me in the flow as well.

I think the important point here is to discover what works for you. And if you haven't yet discovered the joy of focus, I'd encourage you to try a few different ideas to figure out what works.

Let's get after it!

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