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Sleeping Through the Hurricane

OK, so maybe the analogy doesn't completely fit, but I was reminded of one of the great things about Flutter when iOS 14 dropped yesterday.

Although it looks like there is still some work remaining to support development on iOS 14 hardware, most Flutter apps already released on the iOS App Store should be minimally impacted, if at all (more on the specifics in Chris Sells' post, linked below).

Although the iOS 14 beta has been available to developers for a while now, I think Apple surprised a lot of folks with the very short window between the official announcement of availability and the date it dropped for customers this week. This seemed to have left a lot of native iOS developers scrambling to ensure compatibility (including the still-popular Pokemon Go!).

Although I'm looking forward to full developer support on iOS 14, the buffer Flutter provides between my Dart code and the underlying OS makes me much less nervous about getting yanked around at the whims of Apple and Google.

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