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Making a Career in Flutter

With my own personal business on hold right now due to Covid19 closures in the theme-park industry, I've started looking for new career opportunities. And naturally, I prefer to work in Flutter, given my positive experience with it so far.

As I've started looking for potential positions, either short- or long-term, it has sometimes felt like Flutter is still in its infancy with regard to job openings. (A job search for the term "Flutter" returns a fraction of the results that a search for "React Native" does, for example.)

Given my up-close view of Flutter as a "game-changer" in app development, I'm left to wonder WHY I'm not seeing more Flutter-specific positions available. My guess is that it's simply because Flutter is still relatively new, and major trends like this can take a while to change, but is there more going on than this?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, especially if you've recently gone through a job change yourself and are working in a Flutter-related position. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any insights. I just have a hard time believing Flutter won't eventually take over the cross-platform app development space, as it's so nice to work with.

And yes, I'll go ahead and ask it -- if you've heard of any Flutter positions, especially those which would allow for remote work, I'd appreciate the heads up!

You can reach me at mark [at] flutterdeveloperweekly.com

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