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Flutter Jobs

As an intro this week, I want to announce a new section for the newsletter, which I plan to start next week: Flutter Jobs.

I'd like to use this new section each week to post a few select job openings across the Flutter community. So if you're aware of an open Flutter job where YOU work, and would like to have it featured it here, please drop me a note and let me know. (See more details in the Flutter Jobs section below.)

On to this week's newsletter... Enjoy!

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Flutter Jobs

Any Flutter Job Openings Where You Work?

As I mentioned at the top of the newsletter, I'm rolling out this new section next week, but I need your help.

If you know of an open Flutter dev role where you work and would like it featured here, just email the details to mark[at]flutterdeveloperweekly[dot]com and I'll take it from there. (While I may look to monetize this feature at some point in the future, these listings will be free for now.)

I can't promise to publish everything I receive, but I will give careful consideration to each submission.

Note that there are a couple of qualifications the position should meet before I'll consider listing it here in the newsletter:

  • The role should be Flutter-related
  • The role should be associated with the actual hiring company or organization. If you're a dev shop specializing in Flutter and work for several clients simultaneously, this is fine. If you're an employment agency looking to place developers at other companies, you should look elsewhere for your job posting.

One disclaimer: As my current Flutter project winds down I'm personally ramping up the search for my own next Flutter gig, so in addition to sharing your job listing with the wider Flutter community, don't be surprised if you see a resume from yours truly come back in the mix. :-)

I've been impressed at the number of open roles for Flutter developers I've seen lately, especially when compared to a couple of years ago. I'm hoping this new feature will serve as an added means of spreading the word for some of these roles.

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