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Managing the Risk of External Dependencies

If you're an Atlassian/Jira customer, you could be feeling some pain this week as their systems went down and Atlassian is still working toward full recovery ten days later.

Although this specific outage seems more "extended" than what you might normally run into, it does beg the question: What are the critical outside dependencies your own organization relies on, and are you prepared in the event that any of these services go offline?

Depending on the services you both provide and depend on, I think the granularity of the solutions here could run the gamut, from large-scope measures such as offsite system backups, down to reasonable error handling in your Flutter code in the event that backend systems go offline unexpectedly.

Even though I'm using Atlassian as an example here, being in the tech industry ourselves, I don't think we'd wish this sort of outage on anyone. But each of us can take to heart the question: Am I prepared?

Please enjoy this week's issue. I'm off to backup that server REST API code...

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