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Life and the People We Share It With

Sorry to start off on such a personal note this week, but my brother-in-law passed away yesterday. A relatively young victim of cancer, he leaves behind a loving wife and several young children, all of whom are already missing their dad terribly.

Even though cancer is a horrible disease, it at least afforded my brother-in-law a sort of "heads-up" that he would soon be leaving us. To see the way in which he spent his last few months with his family, including time with each of his kids, has been truly inspiring.

Seeing this unfold has reminded me that even though the work we do while here on this earth is important, it's the people in our lives who are even more so.

If you have someone in your life with whom you haven't connected in a while, hopefully this will serve as a reminder to reach out. Even with social distancing at the top of our minds these days, connection with people -- virtually or otherwise -- is what makes this whole thing worth doing.

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